What Happens Immediately After Death?

I get that question frequently. Some people simply fear the unknown, while others aren’t afraid at all, but interested. Death is an experience that even I don’t completely understand, but I can answer this question, based strictly on what I’ve been told and shown from souls that have already made their journey home.
The first thing most of these souls seem to realize after death is that their bodily suffering has finally come to an end. When I do a reading with a passed loved one, they often give me vivid descriptions of the way they passed and their feelings at the time, they sometimes give details of the bodily conditions they suffered at the end. They always explain that the suffering ends the moment they begin their journey home.
I, as a medium, can often sense these pains in my own body while doing a reading, although not to the same degree that the person experienced. Considering the thousands of spirit messages I have given in my time, I have died (felt) thousands of deaths. The worst one I remember was when the spirit person inundated me with the sensation of his head as he was shot! This was excellent validation for the client, but left me out of sorts for days.
As one enters into the afterlife they have a feeling of excitement as the spirit initially leaves the body. Suddenly, all pain and discomfort is gone! This transformation is immediate and complete. Also, many spirits have told me that the suffering we see when they are close to death is not as horrifying as it may appear. As death approaches, the body of light separates partly from the physical body so that the pain becomes distant and remote.
Not only will all the pain be gone once you pass over, but you will also feel more alive than you have in years. If you die late in life, all those aches and pains of old age are wiped away in an instant. You feel free and vital. It’s like being in the prime of your life–but better!
As the moment of death approaches, most people become peaceful and at ease. Their loved ones who have passed before them, their angels, and their spirit guides begin coming to comfort them way in advance….sometimes they realize this and other times they do not, but everyone we are connected to in Heaven is there awaiting our arrival and a select few will begin coming around us even stronger in the months, weeks, or days leading up to our passing. Although it is a natural to fear death, perhaps we are all instinctively aware that there is nothing to fear, since we are simply going home. Animals also lose all pain and experience this abundance of light and energy as soon as they begin to cross.
Near Death Experiences
Hospital patients who have had a near death experience report the sensation of release from suffering as they leave the body. They often report floating over their own body. During such an experience, the operating table & physician instruments show that the patient’s heart stops beating and the brain may be dead for up to two minutes. Effectively, the patient has died and then been resuscitated. Often these patients can recall with complete clarity having left their bodies and even traveling down a tunnel of light to the next world. Many of these remarkable cases have been recorded and investigated by a growing number of scientists.
It has been found that many patients, undergoing a near death experience the first release from the dying body as indescribably beautiful. There is no pain. A great majority of these people report feelings of wonder and elation.

Of course, loved ones left on earth are unaware of the blissful state that their loved ones experienced as they left their body. What they see is the cold, crumpled, shell that remains in our physical world. The harrowing sight of watching someone take their last breath may stay with some of us for life.
Try to remember, if you see or watch someone dying or the lifeless shell of a body after death, that your loved one is NO LONGER THERE, they left immediately, via their soul to a much happier place, free of sickness and pain. A place full of unconditional love. They are still right their with you, as an energy (in spirit form), they are simply on a different dimension.
Naturally, many people visit me to find out if their loved ones have made it safely to the next world. I pride myself of my specialty of giving specific detailed validation. Things that aren’t possible for me to know, guess, or research..private things that only someone close to the spirit would know. After all, the messages mean nothing if a person doesn’t know for certain it’s really their loved one they are speaking to….Any good medium will give this proof and reassurance. If you are searching for peace or just to speak to a loved one who’s passed, please take your time, read my reviews, and when you are ready call my scheduling manager John, call/text 717-816-1258. I do both phone readings and in person one on one readings all over the country.

Regardless how many readings you do or if you do one at all, please know that death is really a birth, a journey home, & the most beautiful experience imaginable. I’ve said it many times, we all see the proof….babies are born crying because they do not want to leave Heaven, people always cross over peacefully, because finally, they are going home.

Shelly Frey
Psychic Medium