clinton_trump_shellyfreypsychicmediumI have decided to write this blog with great hesitation.  You may have seen some of my recent posts on social media and the backlash I received from them….love me or hate me, at least I’m honest and open with my opinions.  I feel that as a psychic who also connects with passed loved ones, spirit guides, and even angels, that I have a right; no a RESPONSIBILITY, to educate and inform based on my inside knowledge and prospective.  I am not saying that the views I am about to express are always right, I’m not God and while I have faith in my intuition & my guides, I sometimes get it wrong.  I’m still human!  I do; however, feel the need to clear some things up…..

This election has been a joke.  I’m not just stating that as an opinion, it’s a fact.  I have fans from all over the world and many have told me that other countries are viewing America as a complete joke right now because of the election and the way we are behaving as a country.  I do NOT love or completely support either candidate.  I have seen some glimpses  into our future that show me we are in trouble regardless which of these individuals become president. I’m not trying to create fear or panic, but neither is my ideal choice.   I do not have faith that either one has the true compassion, honestly, integrity, motives, and belief system to be our Commander In Chief…so what’s a person to do?  We could choose not to vote at all, which accomplishes absolutely nothing.  We could choose to vote for Johnson or write in a candidate, but again, a waste of a vote.  I, along with many of you, have struggled these last few weeks on the decision of who I should vote for.  I feel strongly that everyone should have a voice & cast their vote, if they (we) don’t, then we can’t complain later.  

Let me start comparing the issues and these candidates by saying that I actually like Trump better as a person.  I find him more likable overall & probably more honest.  I also find him to be a successful business man and on a personal level, I’m a fan his  tv show “The Apprentice”.  With that being said, on a personal level, I dislike Hillary.  I find her to be dishonest & robotic, very well rehearsed and not at all compassionate. As I mentioned earlier, I can’t honestly tell you that I love either as a candidate, but who’s the lesser of 2 evils.  Let me dive into my thoughts on various topics.  These are both my own personal opinions AND my beliefs based on what I believe to be true on a psychic level.

IS THE MEDIA BEING MANIPULATED/CONTROLLED TO RIG THE ELECTION BY THE CLINTONS?  As many of you who have followed me know, I’m very skeptical of our government.  I have been saying for years that the media is COMPLETELY controlled by government.  I feel our schools are told what to teach, our media is told what to share & how to share it, and our own personal needs are not on the agenda.  I also feel our government is responsible, as a whole, for MANY of the tragedies that have occurred over the last several decades.  I’m not being a conspiracy theorist here, I’m just stating my opinion based on my own visions & intuitive abilities.  Our government lies and they absolutely control the media.  Is that specifically controlled by the Clinton’s?  Perhaps in part, yes….the Clintons are lying about numerous things including the emails that have been released, so I think they are most likely influencing the media, but I also believe the government manipulation is well beyond just the Clinton’s control.  I’m not referring to local government or law enforcement here.  I’m referring to our government as a whole unit.  If you think our government is honest with us, then you have way more issues than who to vote for.  The president is simply their puppet in the end.  For this reason, I had initially thought I would vote for Trump, as he does seem to be the first person in a long time to go against the grain when it comes to government control….BUT…..

DID DONALD TRUMP COMMIT ANY ACTS OF SEXUAL MISCONDUCT TO INCLUDE SEXUAL HARASSMENT OR ASSULT?  He ABSOLUTELY DID!  I’m not saying every single person who has come forward and accused is telling the truth and I’m not saying that every one who is telling the truth isn’t fabricating some of their stories, but the bottom line is, I believe on a psychic level that Donald Trump has committed illegal acts of sexual harassment and assault.

ABORTION:  I feel I can’t even begin to discuss this ever so fragile topic without first explaining something that I am blessed to know that many others do not, based on a reading I had, here’s what happened:

  I had a reading with a lady, we’ll call her Carol.  Carol had come to me for a reading.  I didn’t know who she had lost or anything about her (I usually don’t), so I did my reading as normal, but I learned something that I’ll NEVER FORGET.  In that reading, Carol had her husband come through to me, he validated by name, Ronald we’ll say, and he sent his love, he told me he died tragically in NYC on 9/11 and that he had left behind a pregnant wife and 2 children (1 on the way of course).  This was very emotional for me, as I felt for this lady losing her husband while pregnant with their 3rd child.  The other children were young, under then age of 7.  It was at this point that her husband in spirit from Heaven said “Tell her I also have our baby boy with me”, as he said that, I suddenly felt the presence of a baby, such a happy spirit, so innocent and at peace.  The baby said, please tell my mommy I’m not mad at her, she blames herself, but she had to make the choice she made, she couldn’t leave them alone with no parents.”  Her husband chimed in again “Forgive yourself, you did what was right, I’m with my child in Heaven and you are with our other children in the physical world”.  At this point the lady and I were both sobbing…..she then explained to me.  She had to choose to end her unborn baby’s life just BEFORE delivery.  The doctors gave her this choice because the baby was now putting her life at risk.  She didn’t go into details of how or why, she didn’t need to, those 2 living children had already lost their Dad and she was given a choice to have a 3rd child with the probability that if she did, she’d be leaving 3 orphans OR to terminate that pregnancy during her final trimester.  This is a horrific choice that she had to make, but I believe with all of my heart, it was in fact HER CHOICE TO MAKE!  Who are you, or I, or our government to make such a choice for her?  Hillary has clearly stated she is in support of a mother’s right to choose.  Many people are stuck on the fact that she feels that way at any point of pregnancy, but let me tell you all something.  A BABY’S SOUL IS JUST AS ALIVE AT 1 DAY PREGNANT AS IT IS AT 9 MONTHS PREGNANT!  I HAVE HAD THEM COME THROUGH FROM BOTH, they always forgive and understand and while you or I may not agree, there are situations in which a mother should have the right to make that choice, regardless how far pregnant she is!

There are so many other issues I’d like to discuss but then this blog would go on forever.  I have to sum this up by saying that I am voting for Clinton.  I have found Donald Trump to be guilty of sexual assault and various forms of discrimination.  I believe that if he ends up being our president, he will DESTROY our peace.  He will take us back centuries in regards to equality just based on his views & spreading them among people who already use their bibles to umbrella their prejudice.  I have asked my guides, numerous times, I have looked at our future in more ways than one.  I have had dreams and visions and I can only say that Hillary Clinton may be a liar, but overall, her leading our country in the future is a much better outcome than Donald Trump.  Either way, I personally would NOT be voting for Trump anyway based on his comments against gay marriage, people of different ethnicity than himself, and against women.  The bottom line for me is—who is a better person?  While no one is perfect, Hillary is by far a better person than Trump and that’s my personal opinion based on my knowledge of people that others do not have.  I am not writing this blog to ask for other’s opinions and I will not be starting a debate with anyone.  I am speaking my truth on my website.  I’d like to think that my fans are fair, honest, and educated enough NOT to turn this into a game nor to judge me….BUT I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I CAN’T BE BOUGHT, I WILL ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH AS I UNDERSTAND IT TO BE, as I have always told my kids “STAND UP FOR WHAT’S RIGHT, EVEN IF YOU ARE STANDING ALONE”!  This is America, a democracy, you each have the right to your opinion, I encourage you to vote with your heart and gut, just as I’ll be doing, but I thought I’d do something I hadn’t seen other psychics or mediums do and that’s tell what they “see” in regards to this election.  I hope it offers some clarity for you.  We are less than 3 weeks away from the election, God bless us all.