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“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Shelly!!! In webisode 6, that you just put up on your website, you talk about the session this past week with the mother and two daughters. I am that mother. For all those people wanting to go to a celebrity medium, I just want say, since my experience with Shelly, you won’t get any better of a reading with one of those “popular” tv mediums than you will with Shelly. My being such a skeptic had nothing to do with mediums in general, I just had some crazy idea in my mind, that if I didn’t go to one of the “celebrity” mediums, I wasn’t going to get a real reading……boy do I feel like a fool now!!!! I apologize to you Shelly. If your reading is going to be “middle of the road” it’s going to be that no matter if you go to Theresa Caputo, or if you go to Shelly Frey. My reading was better than any I have ever seen on tv. There were too many things that came through for Shelly to have been able to find out or make up, so you can’t use that. Too many specific things to mention. And to top it off later in that same webisode she mentions the woman that still goes to Yard Sales, and gets to keep her junk!!! OMG, that was my mother who also came forward during our reading. Unless Shelly was an immediate member of our family there is no chance in any way, shape or form she would be able to come up with that. When I told my brother and sister-in-law about that, it left them speechless, and then we laughed about it. It was a topic of conversation, and joking about my mother and her yard sale/junk addiction, within our family. It was something she did several years ago, but her health made her finally have to give it up. How would Shelly have ever been able to come up with that. You cannot explain it away. Shelly, you are awesome, you have helped me unlike I could ever imagine. I can’t wait to get back to see you again. What a healing gift you truly do have. Hopefully I will be at a point in my life by then, that he won’t have to make the lights flicker. :o)”
~Penny Kauffman, York, PA
“During my session you said my dad shows his presence with pennies or butterflies. I then told you I had found 3 pennies from my birth year in the past two weeks.  When I told my family about this when I got home, I didn’t even mention the butterflies, because that would not be at all like him.  Well, I just went outside to do some yard work and a butterfly was outside the front door.  It flew around my head, actually touched my nose, and flew away.  I can’t remember the last time I saw a butterfly… and I certainly never had one fly in my face! I also couldn’t relate to the candle that my cousin was holding.  My sisters just reminded me of the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation’s Candlelight Ceremony which I attended for several years (until they stopped having it).  It was held on the Art Museum steps in Philadelphia.  I had her name read aloud each year when they read the list of breast cancer victims.  Everyone in attendance held a candle as they read the names. What more can I say?  You have an amazing gift.  Thanks for sharing!”
~Fred Troilo, PA
I was so very fortunate to have a great session with you on May 26 at the Hard Rock in Florida. I came with a heavy heart. Spirit came through to you immediately; and precisely who I needed to hear from. You provided a great deal of comfort to me through this reading as well as some insight to the future. This session was extremely meaningful and important to me. Thank you Shelly and God bless you for your help. Your husband, John, is also a vey fine man.” ~Sharon, South Florida
“I had a session with Shelly when she was in the DC area and my sister and I couldn’t really validate too much of what she was saying at the time, only  because I was more concentrating on someone else to come through and also I  wasn’t quite sure about the information seeing as it was coming from the side of  my family that were of catholic religion and didn’t believe in mediums. So for  them to be coming through was shocking to me. I thought it was them but didn’t really know how they died and couldn’t validate what they were saying too well.  We seemed to have gotten the family members after about 30-40 mins then the  message finally came through and I was shocked, they wanted to tell me not to worry so much my life will be fine and the things I was concerned about didn’t matter, I was blowing it out of proportion( which is true) it totally made sense. She came through with a lot more things and helped me with a lot of concerns I had. When I got home I texted my aunt in Mexico to help me answer some questions( I didn’t tell her I saw a medium) but she gave me the info I needed to confirm everything shelly had told me. Thank you so much Shelly. I hope you come back to DC again.
~Jane and Diana, Washington DC
“Meeting Shelly was such a blessing and was a life-changing experience. Besides being a simply wonderful person of her own accord, the peace she was able to provide me and my family is something for which we will be forever grateful. She put our minds and hearts at ease and gave us clarity that has helped us understand our situation. Shelly was patient with us from the start and gave freely of her time and energy. As a result, she’s become a friend and I look forward to seeing her again soon! Thank you Shelly!”
~ Ann S, New York, New York
“Wow! I was never a non-believer but never met anyone so accurate as Shelly. I had a phone session with her. She touched on a lot that is going on with me at present. I only wish I could have met her in person. I sensed such sincerity and kindness in her. I wanted and needed a little guidance and insight and you gave it to me 100%.”
~Indra A. New York, New York
“Thank you so much for your reading!!!!! Everything was accurate it left me speechless. It also gave me hope for the future. The timing of your reading could not have been any better. Thank you again.”
~Wendy Godfrey-Dean Charlotte, NC
I just had a telephone session with Shelly. My husband came through loud and clear!. Thanks to Shelly I know he is waiting for me.”
~Shelley Green, Wausau, WI
“You are amazingly accurate and gave, by far, the BEST reading I have ever had! Worth the wait, worth the money!”
~Heather Tower, Seattle, WA
“Shelly, My name is Desiree. We just had the most amazing reading!! Thank you for being such an open vessel…. I will definitely write on your bio wall… THANK YOU! “
~Desiree Hill, Lower Lake, CA
“Thank you so very much for today! It was the best experience of my life,and I will def be in contact again,spending time with you could not have come at a better time !! “
~Stephanie Young
“Thank you for giving my Pop a voice to speak to me. It was really comforting to know that my Grandmom helped him cross over and that he is happy and and at peace and with the lady he had always been in love with, my Grandmother, his Mrs. Wonderful! I look forward to seeing you again in the fall!”
~Tricia Hickey, Boothwyn PA
“I can’t thank you enough for sharing your gift with others. I was a skeptic, but since meeting you, NO MORE! I am truly grateful ! I never expected you would be able to touch on so many very personal details of of my life and relationships I had with those who have passed. What an exciting, wonderfully, amazing experience. You have affirmed for me your gift is real. I have shared my experience with family and friends, they were floored. A few are now looking forward to meeting you. You have helped me to close a door and the window is no longer cracked, but wide open. I cannot thank you enough! Thanks so much! Hope to see you again soon!”
~ Amy Powell, Boothwyn, PA
” I just wanted to write and say “thank you so much” for our session of June 12th. You are truly gifted and I was totally knocked out by the accuracy of my reading. It was so like my dad to be the one to come through and have so much to say! Lol! I told my mother that he was still with her, loved her, and would come for her when it was time for her to pass over. She had tears in her eyes when I told her, and even with the dementia, I know she understood. That was truly a gift for her to hear your words. Thank you so much. I look forward to another session with you. I have told several people how gifted you are and they want to come see you. I know they will not be disappointed! Thanks again, Shelly, so very much! ”
~Nancy Laino, PA
” I just want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with me, with us all. You have no idea how much you have helped me, I feel like I can’t Thank you enough. You blew me out of the water!! I look forward to having another session with you again! Have a wonderful day, God bless you and your family!! :)”
~Jasmine Love, Bakersfield, CA
“Thank you is all I can say! Your gift is truly AMAZING! After visiting with you today I am at peace. A penny fell off the table when I got home and I smiled :)”
~Jessica Guldin
“Whether you believe in these things or not seeing Shelly is a Great Experience to say you’ve had. I went in with NO Expectation.. and I think that is the best way to do it. I mean I wasn’t trying to prove or disprove anything and I wasnt trying to rely on it for a way to live. I was curious. I ended up being blown away. It has to be on my top 10 list of cool things I’ve done in my life. Im not going to share too many details because a lot of them are private family kind of stuff, but I can tell you there were NO PROPS. No tarrot cards, there was no palm reading, not even conversation beyond a “hello, its so nice to meet you.” and “Im excited for this experience” …I will say that through out the experience Shelly was able to discover (I use that word because Im not exactly sure what word to use to describe it…) that I have a sister. That my sister is near Dallas, Tx. She pin pointed my exact feelings on my career. My mothers personality, my dad’s choice to not follow his diet as he needs to and much much more! Stuff that you couldnt even find out if you were a genius cyber guru!! There were so many intricate details, and beyond coincidental moments . I became a fan of her work! I was truly blown away. It was a friendly environment…we met at her home… it was nothing like you see in the movies. It was an extremely genuine and calming experience. It was inviting… I think thats a great word to describe. Thank you Shelly Frey! “
~GINGERBOB, 101.5 BOB ROCKS Greencastle PA
“I just had my first reading with Shelly. I have had psychic readings with other psychics and I feel I that Shelly was genuine and forthright in her reading. I told her I want a reading done before she becomes so well known and I’d have to wait a year! :). She’s helped me with a career decision and with some family connections on the other side! I am a loyal customer and look forward to many more sessions with her! Who knows I may get to meet her some day!! Thank You Shelly and many thanks to your family for being so accepting of your talent, their help, and most of all supporting you in sharing your gift!! Again, many thanks Shelly!
SuLyn, Lincoln, Nebraska
“Hi Shelly, I talked to you last week and I have to tell you I was skeptical, but a friend of mine told me I wouldn’t be sorry and I am not. You knew things that you could not have known if you could not communicate with the spirits. I have been missing my loved ones a lot and you helped me see that they are still with me. As for my future, you told me what I think I knew all along and described my current perfectly. You were spot on in everything you shared with me and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
~Jessica Witmer, New Holland PA
“I saw a local psychic/medium recently, and she was pretty good, fairly accurate on some topics. Then my sister told me Shelly is 1000 times better. So during our group session, Shelly informed me that someone wanted to speak to me, insisted on speaking to me in fact. I was not interested in a reading, but the information she gave me as to WHO wanted to speak to me, peaked my interest. So I sat down and basically had my deepest secret told to me, from a dear friend who had passed in 1987. I am the only one alive on Earth that knew this secret, but yet Shelly passed this information on from my friend Joe who was killed in a car accident along with my friend Matt. The accuracy of her gift is astounding. If you are reading this and are debating, don’t, just do it and pass on your experience to others. What Shelly gives you is a gift, not a service, not a product, but an actual gift. One that cannot be bought in a store, or ordered online. Her abilites are ,to me, a miracle. Yes, that is a strong word, but I dare you to find one more suitable after you have a session with Shelly. The cost becomes the greatest deal you will ever get. It is a bargain at 100 times that price. Basically Shelly can give you the most powerful information you will ever know-it’s up to you to decide if you want it.”
~Brian Bell, Aston PA
“I had one session with Shelly three weeks ago. I came home and immediately told anyone and everyone that would listen what unfolded during my session. Within three days I had over 30 people clamoring to get a “slot” when she returns to our area in hopes of getting the type of reading that I had. It was such an incredible experience for me and I feel that it has truly changed my life. I would be willing to talk to anyone that isn’t sure about doing this to let them know the details of what Shelly did for me. The details of my session are extremely personal and painful but they serve as a testiment to her extreme accuracy. She gave my father a voice to speak to me and I cannot express my gratitude enough. I walked out of the session saying that I would have paid thousands for that session and not thought twice about it. I am not rich by any means (I’m a single mom, in fact) but knowing what I know now, I’d pay whatever it cost to be able to experience this again.”
~Colleen Bell, Boothwyn PA
“I’ve had a session with Shelly and I’ve also referred friends to her. I’m 100% confident in her abilities. She was able to tell me things nobody knew and how she told me was spot on to who she was referencing. I’m a solid supporter and will continue to refer and rely on Shelly when I need her.”
~Trish, Texas
“Shelly, just wanted to thank you again. My session with you on Friday was incredible. I really am still finding it hard to believe how quickly my mom was there and giving you messages for me. Some of the things that came through were just totally amazing!!! You gave my mom a voice to speak to me again, and for that I am so very grateful. If I was not a believer of life on the other side before, I most certainly am now. I really loved how the things that you said portrayed my mom’s witty personality to a “T”. The dog, the coffee, the baby, etc., were just so “her”… And I LOVED the fact she “thanked you”!!!! Sooooo my mother!!!! I can’t wait for another session!!! Thank you so much!!!!! And to everyone else, if you have not had a reading with Shelly yet…GGGEEEEETTTT GOING!!!!! You will find peace in your heart and soul, I assure you!!!! “
~Tina Schriver, PA
“I just wanted to say that from experience, Shelly has given me some of the “negative”. However, it was def something I needed to hear at that time and it was a HUGE eye opener for me. I spoke to my Grandma who passed two years ago about my current family issues and meeting with Shelly made me feel like I was speaking with her in person. Just knowing that my Grandma still listens like she always did meant the world to me!! Now, I continue to talk to her on a daily basis and believe my 4mo old also “communicates” with her as well. I am so glad I had my session with Shelly, and I am looking forward to my second!!!!”
~Ashley, PA
“Shelly is absolutely amazing!! She brought someone very dear to me more peace than I could possibly imagine. I can’t wait until my session!!!”
~Tracy Marano, Aston PA
” I had the pleasure of meeting Shelly for my first reading this weekend. Honestly, I was very skeptical going in and expected to only hear vague details of my past. I was immediately blown away by the experience. Shelly knew nothing about me and asked me no questions prior to or during the session. She immediately began telling me specific things that occurred in my life that no one knew about. She told me specific details from my father regarding the circumstances of his death that I always suspected but only he could confirm. My head is still spinning but I definitely feel comfort knowing that my loved ones are indeed still with me. I would recommend her to anyone looking for answers. It was a truly awesome experience.”
~Colleen Bell, Boothwyn PA
” First, and foremost, THANK YOU for coming to Chambersburg to do our group reading. Although kind of small, the group as a whole was VERY happy with how things went. There seemed to be someone trying to talk to everyone! A couple of us want to try and schedule private readings in the near future. You mentioned things that you couldn’t have possibly known!! That in itself is positive proof to me that you are legit and really do have a connection with those who have passed over. Thank you again for a great evening, and hopefully we will see you again real soon!!”
~Becky Chilcote, Mercersburg PA
“Shelly you did a beautiful reading on Friday night. When you solved the murder case for our friend that really meant the world to her. She is now at peace with that issue. I hope you get more readings from here in Berkeley Springs; WV. I will definitely put the word out there for you. Great job well done.”
~Connie Hovermale, Berkeley Springs WV
“Shelly this is the lady that you brought closure to after 25 years they call me Nan and if you can make others feel as good as me that night I hope nothing but good things happen to you! You have put meaning back into my life! I think of it everyday and what you have given to me,you are a blessing,thank you,nan”
~Elaine Couch, Berkeley Springs WV
“Earlier this month I had the pleasure of going to Shelly for a reading. I admit that I was leery because I had not heard of Shelly until a friend asked me to go along so she didn’t have to go alone. When it was my turn for a reading Shelly explained a little about herself and how she got started. She admitted the things about readings that came easy to her and things that were a little more difficult, which I appreciated. This was my third reading in the last two years and it was by far the best. Shelly had no idea what my name was or anything else about me. I expected two deceased relatives to come through and they did, plus an extra one. The details she gave me were unreal. I knew right away who was speaking to me. She told me events and things that no one could have ever known. Once you have a reading done by Shelly you will know that it is real and that angels are with you every day.Shelly gives you a chance to ask questions at the end of your reading and she answers them without rushing you. What you take away from your reading is a sense of peace. When you think you lose the ability to communicate with those you love until you see them again in heaven, think again. Shelly did a phenomenal job. I would recommend her to others seeking to communicate with loved ones lost. I have already booked a group session at my house. Thank you Shelly for giving me a sense of peace. I was amazed by the information and details you gave me. I couldn’t stop talking about it with my friends and relatives.”
~Traci Ingram, Greencastle PA
” To anyone who doesn’t believe, start believing. Shelly was able to give me info that she couldn’t have possibly have known. It was so nice to know that my friend Missy and my dad are with me and keeping an eye on me (and wanting me to slow down and not take on so much!!). Guess I’m going to have to listen now!! LOL Thank you for helping me to understand things a little better and for being a guest in my home. You are welcome to come back anytime!!! 🙂 “ ~Becky Chilcote, Mercersburg PA
“Thank you for meeting with Tammy and me last night. It was such a great way to get to know more about her (we talked for almost 2 hours after we left) and to hear that so many loved ones are around us. When I got home last night, my daughter says, “Mom, something weird happened. At 8:00 the lights in the living room flickered. Grandma is here, isn’t she?”.
~Colleen Rafferty Winters, Hagerstown MD
“I have known Shelly for many years and regard her as a daughter. She has always had this gift…but has only recently come to terms with it. She called me weeks ago expressing that my Dad wanted to talk to me(deceased 30 yrs ago)….Of course, I said yes. The things she told me were not things she could have ever known. When I asked her to ask my Dad about a recent family friend who has passed away – she immediately said: OMG he’s showing me someone being shot… I almost fell off the couch… the woman i was speaking of was a friend of the family who we used to camp with – her son was shot back in the 70s while responding to an arson fire – no way shelly could have known that (before she was born) and was no time for her to google it – it was an immediate response – let her help u with your grief and your questions….she’s only here to HELP -use her gift to help U!
~Vickey Statler, Manteo NC
“I was totally speechless. The feeling of such peace when I walked out of there I just can’t describe. She is the best Psychic I have ever met. I can not wait to go to see her again.”
~Dawn Magee, Shippensburg, PA
“Shelly read me on Thanksgiving and said there was a baby girl in my future. I asked my brother if his wife was pregnant and he said no. Well my brother called me a week ago and told me his wife was pregnant with a girl and due in June. That means she was pregnant on Thanksgiving!!!! She knows her stuff! Trust what she says, she knows what she’s talking about!”
~Sheri Linebarrier, Chambersburg PA
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