Need A Holiday Miracle? Here You Go!

christmas-miracle-2-shelly-frey-mediumI’m hearing from so many people right now that are down in the dumps, some are upset about the recent election, some are missing loved ones past, others are having financial problems, many are having family issues and still many more are just suffering depression. All telling me the same thing over and over again “I NEED A MIRACLE IN MY LIFE!”.   That miracle you seek could be health, prosperity, balance in the family, or peace in the heart, in your home, in our country, or even in the world.
I truly wish that I could lend my psychic abilities to you, so you too could see how all of your miracles are right before your eyes, just waiting for you to see them. You’d be amazed at the wonders trying to reach you! I’ve decided to show you, through my psychic eyes how to bring all of your miracles through.

How To See Your Own Miracles:
I am extremely familiar with the spiritual make-up of want vs need. I know that our own thoughts are the most powerful miracle makers we have. I have observed time and time again that our miracles are attempting to get to us yet we don’t provide them with a doorway. Why? Because we’re tired, we’re cranky, jaded, and over all, we don’t logically believe that there is such thing as a “miracle” in this world anymore.  I’m here to tell you, THAT IS NOT TRUE! Yet we will it so with our minds and negativity. While often seeing other dimensions, I have learned (and still struggle with this notion myself) that if we put all that “This will never happen to me” energy out there — well, this will probably never happen to me, but if we put the energy out there that we believe this may happen, than it very well may.

I’m going to give you the magic secret for receiving your miracles because frankly, it’s time we take back our birthright as miracle machines. We’ve been demonstrated this miracle potential by countless spiritual and sociologically effective people like the Buddha, Jesus, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and countless others.
So let’s get you onboard too. Miracles aren’t just for “special people”. They are the birthright of ALL people. Once we capture this miracle potential, then things like money, cars, houses, and material things will be a wish of the past. These things don’t mean much if EVERYBODY has what serves them.
So here it is. And I’m asking you to read this all the way through, because I’m guessing that at least half of you are going to want to throw up in your mouth a little with the next paragraph. But stay with me. The rule of thumb in opening the door to the miracles that are trying to make their way to you:
BELIEVE it’s possible.
Sound like the world’s most over-used Hallmark card, complete with glitter and foil? Yeah, I kind of thought it might. But let me explain this, so you don’t think I’ve binged-watched too many Netflix episodes of Touched By An Angel prior to writing this.

Belief is an ENERGY SIGNATURE that’s just as palpable as the electromagnetic wavelength that ignites a light bulb. Our first step in receiving the miracles that are beating down our doorstep is re-learning what it means to harness the energy of BELIEF. To do that, we must re-learn what believing IS.
We have been trained that “believing” is assigning away our personal power to an outside source, sometimes God / Parents / Good Will / Our Boss will dive in and save us”. We then become disempowered by belief instead of recognizing that belief is a magnificently powerful creative force that is BASED upon OUR OWN participation.
We must disconnect from the action of creation and to put our actions toward “hoping” that something that we can’t see will deliver a result. We often give up on the energy process too soon. And once we’re disappointed that these “miracles” don’t come true, we lose hope. We then mis-assign the energy of the word “belief” to mean a hollow action filled with no results.
Which is what it’s been turned into, by the way — so don’t fault yourself there.
Yet the ACTION of BELIEF is immensely powerful, if you understand what it truly is. I get the chance to see energy waves and vibrations around all things, and properly executed, BELIEF is a HUGE heavy hitter that brings jaw-dropping change. We simply don’t know how to use it, or get onboard with it’s physics.
We’re not empowering the word Belief with it’s true potential. That would be like me taking a kitchen spoon and attempting to write a letter with it — and when no ink came out, calling the silverware company to complain. I’m using the wrong utensil for the wrong ACTION. It’s not the fault of the spoon.

So, Here’s the deal:
BELIEF is a proclamation, a manifest. It is an ACTION, not an ideology.
BELIEF is not waiting for something else to “make it happen”, but a place within YOU — a platform, where you provide an opportunity to secure an ANCHOR for possibility. It’s where you hold space in your internal landscape for ALL options to grow. It is you, deciding that the fertile soil within you is ready for a crop to be planted.
Just like clearing the top of your desk to receive that brand new computer you’ve finally saved up to buy — BELIEF is the ACTION of preparing a space for usefulness. That space is YOU.
Belief must START with you, on the inside, giving up real-estate inside your own mind to the Universe to be able to take root and bring you that which serves your highest good — not hoping somehow the magic wish fairy will drop you a break while passing overhead.
Today we’re igniting your miracle abilities. And here’s how you’re going to do it.
Step 1:
Think hard about the miracle you would love to give room in yourself to accept.
Step 2:
Rather than using the words “I wish for” or “I hope” in your proclamation for your miracle (as those words energetically and intentionally assign away your own ownership of being the ANCHOR), start your proclamation with: “With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for…” and end it with “I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life!”
Step 3:
LET IT GO. Don’t stew on whether or not the Universe is going to “prove to you” that this miracle thing is real. Let it go, with excitement — the same kind of excitement that you’d have if you found out that you just had a trust fund opened to you for millions of dollars. That is the energy of acceptance, or, as other religions like to call it — Faith. Always remember that miracles have to do with free will and the benefit of all. If the miracle you’re hoping for is for your ex to dump their current love interest and come back to you again — well, that may be more of an interpersonal issue, though it may “tale a miracle” to make it happen. Make room in your life for someone who truly loves YOU — not someone you wished would love you. Believe me — there is someone for EVERYONE. And if we’re constantly filling up our dance card with folks who are unobtainable, that one special person simply has no room to ask you to dance. The miracle is ACCEPTING the RIGHT person, who is placed in your path.

That’s the AHA moment! The miracle you are allowing your mind to hope for, may not be the best miracle for you at this time, BUT another miracle will still grow, a better miracle, the one that was meant to be all along.
Step 4:
TRUST the Universe. The Universe doesn’t waste anything and isn’t in the business of providing for you a miracle that you *think* you need, when the miracle that would truly BENEFIT YOU is right around the corner.
Step 5:
BELIEVE that your proclamation has been given a boost by your own positive thinking.
Step 6:
Be patient. That miracle may come overnight. If it doesn’t, keep in mind — as much as we’d like it to be true — it’s not all about us here in planet earth. Give away your desperation for the miracle to “come true”. Since miracles are your birthright, then the right miracle for you WILL be delivered, so there’s no need to fret over whether or not it will happen. It’s simply a matter of timing.
There it is. That’s it.
Now begin thinking of your hopes for a miracle. Make room in your life for these miracles. The moment we open up to the world, and the other dimensions to receiving that which has always been intended for us and not just what WE think we need —We realize we have been receiving our own little miracles all along!



Have a glorious holiday season and a wonderful Christmas. Expect your miracle with the excitement of a child. Magic in the world isn’t dead.
BELIEVE, and you will see.