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“Grief is not a sign of weakness, it’s just the price we pay for love and it’s worth every penny!”

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World renowned Psychic Medium, Shelly Frey has captured the hearts of thousands through her many live appearances including shows at The Gould Hotel in NY and Hard Rock Paradise Live Theatre in Hollywood FL.  Through her private and telephone readings Shelly has helped countless individuals & families with messages of hope & healing from their departed loved ones. Her fans often travel hours and wait months just for a chance to see her show or get a reading with her. As a small town wife and mother with a “girl next door” personality, her clients & fans enjoy hearing about her life as a medium while also connecting with their loved ones who have passed on, often getting detailed messages, including answers and peace that they claim years of therapy couldn’t bring to them. Shelly has a way of making you feel comfortable and relaxed during her readings, while being able to provide “spot on” validation that your loved ones are with you!  Shelly also provides life path/future guidance by connecting with Spirit Guides and Angels.

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“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Shelly!!! For all those people wanting to go to a celebrity medium, I just want say, since my experience with Shelly, you won’t get any better of a reading with one of those “popular” tv mediums than you will with Shelly. My being such a skeptic had nothing to do with mediums in general, I just had some crazy idea in my mind, that if I didn’t go to one of the “celebrity” mediums, I wasn’t going to get a real reading……boy do I feel like a fool now!!!! I apologize to you Shelly. My reading was better than any I have ever seen on tv.  Unless Shelly was an immediate member of our family there is no chance in any way, shape or form she would be able to come up with the information that she did. What a healing gift you truly do have.”

Penny Kauffman

York, PA

“Meeting Shelly was such a blessing and was a life-changing experience. Besides being a simply wonderful person of her own accord, the peace she was able to provide me and my family is something for which we will be forever grateful. She put our minds and hearts at ease and gave us clarity that has helped us understand our situation. Shelly was patient with us from the start and gave freely of her time and energy. As a result, she’s become a friend and I look forward to seeing her again soon! Thank you Shelly!”

Ann Pizzi-Summerlath

New York, NY

I just want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with me, with us all. You have no idea how much you have helped me, I feel like I can’t Thank you enough. You blew me out of the water!! I look forward to having another session with you again! Have a wonderful day, God bless you and your family!! :)”

Jasmine Love

Bakersfield, CA

“Whether you believe in these things or not seeing Shelly is a Great Experience to say you’ve had. I went in with NO Expectation. I wasn’t trying to prove or disprove anything. I was curious. I ended up being blown away. It has to be on my top 10 list of cool things I’ve done in my life. There were NO PROPS and no tarrot cards. During the reading Shelly was able to tell me that I have a sister that lives near Dallas, Tx. She pin pointed my exact feelings on my career, my mothers personality, my dad’s choice to not follow his diet as he needs to and much more that you couldnt even find out if you were a genius cyber guru!! There were so many intricate details, and beyond coincidental moments . I became a fan of her work! I was truly blown away.  It was inviting. I felt comfortable. It was an extremely genuine and calming experience. Thank you Shelly Frey! “


Greencastle PA, 101.5 FM BOB ROCKS

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Latest From The Blog

What Happens Immediately After Death?

I get that question frequently. Some people simply fear the unknown, while others aren’t afraid at all, but interested. Death is an experience that even I don’t completely understand, but I can answer this question, based strictly on what I’ve been told and shown from souls that have already made their journey home. The first thing most of these souls seem to realize after death is that their bodily suffering has finally come to an end. When I do a reading with a passed loved one, they often give me vivid descriptions of the way they passed and their feelings at the time, they sometimes give details of the bodily conditions they suffered at the end. They always explain that the suffering ends the moment they begin their journey home. I, as a medium, can often sense these pains in my own body while doing a reading, although not to the same degree that the person experienced. Considering the thousands of spirit messages I have given in my time, I have died (felt) thousands of deaths. The worst one I remember was when the spirit person inundated me with the sensation of his head as he was shot! This was excellent validation for the client, but left me out of sorts for days. As one enters into the afterlife they have a feeling of excitement as the spirit initially leaves the body. Suddenly, all pain and discomfort is gone! This transformation is immediate and complete. Also, many spirits have told me that the suffering we see when they are close to death is not as horrifying as it may... read more

HARD TO WRITE-My own heartbreak story, Tragedy Turns To Psychic-For Pap

I’m writing this blog & publishing it today because today is the day I began realizing I had paranormal abilities. Today is the day I started my journey of helping others in pain.  It all started with my pap whom I called Pap Donley (his last name).  I’m not sure I could ever put into words what this man meant to me or how close our bond was. It was the early 90s & I was only in my young 20s, I had a serious boyfriend but no husband or kids yet. My Pap was my world. I’d often spend nights with him & Grandma. He & I would joke as he’d make fun of things like how fast I drove when I took him to the Club (VFW) & to get a haircut or he’d fib about getting answers right as we watched Jeopardy together.  I loved just being with him, but my Pap was very sick for his young age. He had numerous illnesses including Alzheimer’s & eventually ended up in a nursing home. I went every single day to see him, sometimes twice a day. He sometimes was completely out of it but often he did recognize me.  He sometimes spoke as if his kids were little again or thought the nurses were “out to get him”. He had emphysema & needed daily breathing mask treatments but usually refused the nurses & so I did it when I arrived, I held that mask there for what seemed an eternity, staring into his eyes with so much love & admiration, I just knew he could feel it. ... read more

Are You On The Right Path? Stress, Worry, Regret-Why God, Why?

Every decision you’ve made in your life has brought you to this precise moment in time. Some things that happen in life can be attributed to fate, others are meant to happen. But, you have free will, we all do, and the choice at that moment is to determine what you do, and how to respond when the event happens. As a spiritual living soul, you’re an accumulation of all your experiences that are happening now, as well as those that happened in the past. It’s the choices that you make as a result of these experiences, that determines the quality of how you’re going to live your life. There are many different roads that you may decide to take on your soul’s journey. When you are born here in the physical world, your soul’s predestined journey will take you through life. It’s your choice and your free will which route you want to take and how fast you want to get where you are ultimately supposed to end up. You may take the fast route, going directly along your path or you may (as with most of us) meander through different side roads, experiencing all that life has to offer, as you take your time in getting to your soul’s ultimate destination. Sometimes it’s good to let go of the river’s edge and let the flow of life take you to where you’re supposed to be. It can be quite liberating when you do let go. Suddenly, opportunities and choices become exciting, and surprisingly, you still feel safe by letting go of the outcome. Of course, there are... read more

Need A Holiday Miracle? Here You Go!

I’m hearing from so many people right now that are down in the dumps, some are upset about the recent election, some are missing loved ones past, others are having financial problems, many are having family issues and still many more are just suffering depression. All telling me the same thing over and over again “I NEED A MIRACLE IN MY LIFE!”.   That miracle you seek could be health, prosperity, balance in the family, or peace in the heart, in your home, in our country, or even in the world. I truly wish that I could lend my psychic abilities to you, so you too could see how all of your miracles are right before your eyes, just waiting for you to see them. You’d be amazed at the wonders trying to reach you! I’ve decided to show you, through my psychic eyes how to bring all of your miracles through. How To See Your Own Miracles: I am extremely familiar with the spiritual make-up of want vs need. I know that our own thoughts are the most powerful miracle makers we have. I have observed time and time again that our miracles are attempting to get to us yet we don’t provide them with a doorway. Why? Because we’re tired, we’re cranky, jaded, and over all, we don’t logically believe that there is such thing as a “miracle” in this world anymore.  I’m here to tell you, THAT IS NOT TRUE! Yet we will it so with our minds and negativity. While often seeing other dimensions, I have learned (and still struggle with this notion myself) that if... read more


I have decided to write this blog with great hesitation.  You may have seen some of my recent posts on social media and the backlash I received from them….love me or hate me, at least I’m honest and open with my opinions.  I feel that as a psychic who also connects with passed loved ones, spirit guides, and even angels, that I have a right; no a RESPONSIBILITY, to educate and inform based on my inside knowledge and prospective.  I am not saying that the views I am about to express are always right, I’m not God and while I have faith in my intuition & my guides, I sometimes get it wrong.  I’m still human!  I do; however, feel the need to clear some things up….. This election has been a joke.  I’m not just stating that as an opinion, it’s a fact.  I have fans from all over the world and many have told me that other countries are viewing America as a complete joke right now because of the election and the way we are behaving as a country.  I do NOT love or completely support either candidate.  I have seen some glimpses  into our future that show me we are in trouble regardless which of these individuals become president. I’m not trying to create fear or panic, but neither is my ideal choice.   I do not have faith that either one has the true compassion, honestly, integrity, motives, and belief system to be our Commander In Chief…so what’s a person to do?  We could choose not to vote at all, which accomplishes absolutely nothing. ... read more

Autumn/Fall Affects The Spirit

HOW FALL AFFECTS YOUR SPIRITUAL SIDE-THE HARVEST OF THE SPIRIT Outside my window, an amazingly beautiful change has begun. As it happens every fall, the leaves turn as gold as the sun, burnt orange, and bright red, the wind begins to blow them off the trees & the cooler temperatures start moving in. It’s beautiful to watch, and I enjoy seeing the transition with it’s almost mystical feel.  I love Autumn breezes and grey/foggy evenings.  Along with the Fall comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and just around the corner is Christmas.  I have found that while some of us absolutely love Autumn & the changes it represents, many people suffer this time of year.  The depression seems to ooze in with those cooler temps and shorter days.  Many are suffering sadness over lost loved ones, some are just missing their own past & not excited about or looking forward to their future….so why does Autumn seem to bring gloom for some of us?  Why is it that as the leaves fall off the trees, our tears seem to shed from our eyes, almost like another Fall ritual?   There are many scientific explanations, many doctors can tell you about Seasonal Affective Disorder and how having less sunshine affects your overall mood.  We’ve all heard of cabin fever, which we know is right around the corner in the cold Winter months, but what about from a  spiritual perspective?  I believe that our subconscious misses passed loved ones the most in the Fall & Winter.  I also think we begin realizing how much of our own lives has passed, rekindling our memories in a... read more
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