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Private Readings: October 24th & 25th, 2015 Philadelphia, PA (Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel) $250/person
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World renowned Psychic Medium, Shelly Frey has captured the hearts of thousands through her many live appearances including shows at The Gould Hotel in NY and Hard Rock Paradise Live Theatre in Hollywood FL.  Through her private and telephone readings Shelly has helped countless individuals & families with messages of hope & healing from their departed loved ones. Her fans often travel hours and wait months just for a chance to see her show or get a reading with her. As a small town wife and mother with a “girl next door” personality, her clients & fans enjoy hearing about her life as a medium while also connecting with their loved ones who have passed on, often getting detailed messages, including answers and peace that they claim years of therapy couldn’t bring to them. Shelly has a way of making you feel comfortable and relaxed during her readings, while being able to provide “spot on” validation that your loved ones are with you!  Shelly also provides life path/future guidance by connecting with Spirit Guides and Angels.

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“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Shelly!!! For all those people wanting to go to a celebrity medium, I just want say, since my experience with Shelly, you won’t get any better of a reading with one of those “popular” tv mediums than you will with Shelly. My being such a skeptic had nothing to do with mediums in general, I just had some crazy idea in my mind, that if I didn’t go to one of the “celebrity” mediums, I wasn’t going to get a real reading……boy do I feel like a fool now!!!! I apologize to you Shelly. My reading was better than any I have ever seen on tv.  Unless Shelly was an immediate member of our family there is no chance in any way, shape or form she would be able to come up with the information that she did. What a healing gift you truly do have.”

Penny Kauffman

York, PA

“Meeting Shelly was such a blessing and was a life-changing experience. Besides being a simply wonderful person of her own accord, the peace she was able to provide me and my family is something for which we will be forever grateful. She put our minds and hearts at ease and gave us clarity that has helped us understand our situation. Shelly was patient with us from the start and gave freely of her time and energy. As a result, she’s become a friend and I look forward to seeing her again soon! Thank you Shelly!”

Ann Pizzi-Summerlath

New York, NY

I just want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with me, with us all. You have no idea how much you have helped me, I feel like I can’t Thank you enough. You blew me out of the water!! I look forward to having another session with you again! Have a wonderful day, God bless you and your family!! :)”

Jasmine Love

Bakersfield, CA

“Whether you believe in these things or not seeing Shelly is a Great Experience to say you’ve had. I went in with NO Expectation. I wasn’t trying to prove or disprove anything. I was curious. I ended up being blown away. It has to be on my top 10 list of cool things I’ve done in my life. There were NO PROPS and no tarrot cards. During the reading Shelly was able to tell me that I have a sister that lives near Dallas, Tx. She pin pointed my exact feelings on my career, my mothers personality, my dad’s choice to not follow his diet as he needs to and much more that you couldnt even find out if you were a genius cyber guru!! There were so many intricate details, and beyond coincidental moments . I became a fan of her work! I was truly blown away.  It was inviting. I felt comfortable. It was an extremely genuine and calming experience. Thank you Shelly Frey! “


Greencastle PA, 101.5 FM BOB ROCKS

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Latest From The Blog

How I Talk to the Dead & A Unique Reading that Pushed Me to the Limit

I recently met with a lady & her husband, I now know they are a mom & a dad, who have been living with, in my opinion, the most unimaginable tragedy there is, which I didn’t know before sitting with them.  The wife had wanted to do a reading for quite a while but the husband was extremely skeptical, fearing that even if they didn’t use real names, I’d somehow find out who they were & research their story.  I never know who I’m meeting with, in fact I actually feel bad when someone walks up & I say “don’t tell me your name”, I just know at the beginning of my day I have a certain # of readings, so each person is basically a number to me at the beginning of the day, and a close friend at the end of the day, it’s funny how close I get to people so quickly with what I do.  This guy was still concerned & hesitant.  My husband, John, handles all of my scheduling so he assured them that I knew absolutely nothing. They arrived at the hotel where I was doing readings, came in my room & sat down, both looking as though they were very nervous and anxious, it was obvious they hadn’t gotten much sleep & the husband didn’t seem very friendly. I was concerned this would be a bad reading (which I honestly rarely have), but it ended up being one of the most incredible readings that I have ever done and that’s saying a whole lot!   The reading was packed full of healing messages... read more

10 Unexpected Not So Great, But True Things I’ve Learned About Family!

The top 10 things I’ve learned about family after years of doing readings & from my own personal experiences: 1-You can’t trust anyone less, than some of your own family, they are the 1st to stab you in the back & the last to be there when you truly need help. 2-EVERY family has drama, some may be more like gossip while others are right out in the open, but if you think there’s no drama in your entire family, think again. 3-Blood may be thicker than water, but tears are what matter: your own family will cause you more heartache & tears than any one else in life. 4-No one knows how to judge, ridicule, & criticize you better than your family, which is ironic considering #7. 5-They sometimes thrive in your misery, particularly when they can make assumptions & spread them as fact. 6-Contrary to popular belief-you do not need them & you do not have to tolerate abuse, mental or physical. 7-Your family actually knows less about the real you & more about what others have told them about you. 8-There are only a select few family members who really have your back, never gossip about you, and love & support you unconditionally, the rest only create negative energy in your life that you don’t need. 9-When a family member crosses the line, hurts you, or in any way treats you badly, the others just sit by watching it happen, claiming they “don’t want to get involved”, even though they should be the 1st to stand up for what’s right, sadly, they usually don’t. 10-Life is... read more

Why Can’t You Seem To Catch A Break! Why You? Bad Luck, Hard Life, Nothing Goes Your Way?

Have you noticed a string of bad luck or maybe a lifetime of things not going your way? Do you struggle with finances or maybe your finances are fine, but you can’t find that special someone to spend your life with. For many of us, it just seems we can’t catch a break…ever! Just when we think things are finally looking up, another bomb drops right in the middle of our life! We’ve all been through hard times in our lives and we’ve all heard the saying “the grass is always greener”, but does this really hold true? Does it EVER get better or does it seem to just keep happening? Does it just seem like other people have everything & you have nothing or are there really people who just have harder lives & worse luck? The simple answer is…yes, there are. It may be hard to believe for some of you, while others are screaming out “I KNEW IT!”. But the big question on your mind now is likely, why? Why do some people seem to have perfect fairy tale lives while others can’t catch a single break? What if I told you, You made that choice…..before you were ever born? Why on earth would you choose this life? Let me explain…. Reincarnation is very real & because of this we all eventually come back to this world, some more than others. The reason for this is simple, because life is one big experiment, a lesson of sorts & much like going to college, we have to complete various classes to earn our degree. Think back to college... read more

A Shocking Recent Phone Reading-Really As Good As In Person?

Many People who want or need to do a reading just can’t get there in person, some don’t drive, others live more than 10 hours away from the locations I’m coming to do in person readings.  I do phone readings every week, but many people are hesitant to do a reading at all, let alone by phone.  “How could that possibly work?”,  I’m often asked or “How do you do that by phone”, others will inquire.  Well, I’m going to tell you a quick story of a reading that I did by phone just yesterday that may shock you. A lady had never done a reading with me at all.  She went to my website,, she scheduled online and used the wrong last name when scheduling.  I called her, only having her 1st name and I believe a cell phone number but it wouldn’t have mattered what name she used (I’m never given last names anyway, but she was a little skeptical and just wanted to be sure I wasn’t researching her, which I have no time to do with thousands of readings a year), because what happened next was truly miraculous.  She answered the phone & I went through my normal routine, I asked if she had done a reading with me before, she said no so I went on to ask if she wanted a psychic reading (future, life path, love relationship, career, health & guidance etc..) or a medium reading (connecting with passed loved ones), she chose medium so I continued to explain the way a reading usually progresses with me…how I use energy to connect,... read more

Top 5 Facts-Charlie Charlie Challenge, Ouija Boards, Seance, Etc A Psychic Medium View

Have you seen the latest fad on the web?  There’s a new challenge taking social media by storm, much like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge did, but that was virtually harmless and for a good cause, this craze…not so much. It’s called the “Charlie Charlie Challenge”, it’s supposed to be a game or challenge primarily geared toward children & teens, but others are doing it as well.  The basic concept of the game is similar to a Ouija Board, but instead of having the board, the basic setup of the game is a piece of paper & pencils. The goal-summon a supposed demon named Charlie (supposedly from Mexico) by placing the pencils in the form of a cross over the piece of paper, then writing the words “YES” & “NO” in the squares (there are variations of how to do this and what to write). I have been asked in the past many times what my feelings are on things like Ouija Boards, Seances, Demons, and the like and now I have had quite a few questions about this new Charlie Charlie Challenge, so here’s my professional opinion and advice on this subject. Most of us have played with Ouija Boards as children or some similar type game in an attempt to talk to a ghost and as a psychic medium, I come across all sorts of things in my investigations and readings.  Here are 5 facts on the subject, that hopefully will be taken seriously. 1-The Charlie Charlie Challenge, in my opinion, is absurd and not real.  I do not believe there is a demon named Charlie from... read more

Top 8 things passed loved ones (spirits) know & do

          I often get questions from fans & clients asking about what their passed loved ones know & do now that they have left the physical world,  so I thought I’d write a blog counting down to the top thing they all know & do. 8- Departed loved ones know they are passed & watch their final services or gathering of loved ones to mourn. They are there in a form of energy & during readings often mention specific details about their funeral, viewing, or services. I once had a spirit of a lady during a phone reading mention watching her loved ones all bring Christmas ornaments to her funeral for a tree that they had put by the coffin. 7-They know EVERYTHING about the current lives of their family, they know if family members are fighting & if someone is getting married, having babies etc & often will mention these details during a reading, even sometimes gossiping about certain family members or recent family events. 6- They go to soul development classes. That’s right, it’s a counseling of sorts where they review their life path in sections, they learn what they should have done differently & get their compliments for what they did well, learning lessons about life & love. 5-They meet up with all of those who passed before them- friends, family, old flames, even people they didn’t know but are connected to like their child’s spouse’s family. 4-They get excited & prepare for things going on in the physical world: they know when you have a reading scheduled & get excited to talk to you,... read more

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